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Cost of Whole or Half Cow

The cost of a whole cow or half cow is based on the hanging weight of the cow.  This is the cow after it has been slaughtered and dressed.  Our cows average 660 pounds hanging, but can run a little less or a little more.  Every cow varies in its weight so hanging weight cannot be determined until it is sent to be processed.

When the cow is sent to be butchered into the cuts of meat ordered there is a loss of weight from the hanging weight.  This happens when the fat is trimmed from the meat and meat is trimmed from the bones.  From a 660 pound cow, we usually get back @430 pounds of meat. Again, this varies as to the hanging weight of the cow.

The cuts are up to the customer as to what they want.  They vary from ground beef to steaks to roasts.  It is all in what the buyer wants to have.

We ask that payment is made upfront on either half or the whole cow based on the average hanging weight of 660lbs whole or 330 lbs half hanging weight.  We will charge the $7.00 lb to purchase plus $1.25 lb processing charge (USDA Inspected Slaughter and cutting/packaging) based on the whole or half you are purchasing.  When we are notified of the actual hanging weight we will refund you the difference. 


We require a 7-day notice of cancellation upon which we will refund you the full amount.  If less than 7 days we will refund you minus a late cancellation fee of $500.00.  We have to notify the slaughterhouse a week in advance if we are canceling our appointment or we pay a late cancellation fee.

Delivery can be arranged.  If local, there will be no fee.  If not, a delivery fee will be charged.

Ex:   660 lb hanging weight @ $8.25 lb($7 lb. purchase/$1.25 processing)  = $5445.00

        330 lb hanging weight @ $8.25 lb($7 lb. purchase/$1.25 processing)  = $2722.00

Please note that if you are buying a whole cow there will be @14- 30/40 lb boxes of meat ( you can request it in large plastic bags).  This will take two chest freezers to store the 14 boxes in.

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