Through the ages and around the world many cultures have a legend of the Wind Eagle; a mythological creature that creates the wind. We chose the name for our farm to honor our maternal parents who greatly influenced us over the many years.

The Wind honors Brigitte (Gitte); A beautiful and strong woman who raised her two daughters on a farm in Arkansas. When asked if she could hear only one sound for the rest of her life, what would it be? With no hesitation she answered “The Wind.”  Whenever we hear the wind, we listen to hear what Gitte might be telling us.

The Eagle honors Delores; an equally beautiful and strong woman with a deep spirituality. She is a dowser and a healer. Her spirit animal is the Eagle. We are blessed that Delores is with us at the farm sharing her wisdom and inspiration.  This Eagle Feather was found and taken a picture of before Delores mailed it back to the Federal Wildlife Department by law.  Did you know it is illegal to keep an Eagle feather or a Migratory Bird feather?  It is, so this was returned and is then distributed to one of the Native American Tribes on a waiting list, for ceremonial purposes.  She was honored to have seen this beautiful feather and the spirituality it brought the farm, if only for a day.



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